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Sitestar to manage email after 2021

As we’ve notified you over the past few months, we will be ending our management of email service for near the end of 2021. Sitestar will be assuming control of email including billing and customer support. Here’s some important information you need to know:

If you wish to continue with your email after 2021, you need to notify us if you haven't already (email us:

The actual cutover date for will be in early January, 2022. Continue to use your existing email software and our webmail system until then. After the cutover, you may need to change a few settings in your email software:

  • Make sure your Username or Account login name is your full email address (i.e. It may be set that way already, but if not make the change.
  • Your password with Sitestar will change, and we will notify you of your new password before the switch. Our current system does not use case-sensitive passwords, but Sitestar does and they have more stringent password requirements.
  • The mail server names (Incoming and Outgoing) will remain
  • The link for webmail at Sitestar is:
  • We expect to be able to transfer any emails left on our server in the Inbox to Sitestar. However, migrating webmail folders is more difficult, so if you need important messages from those, please let us know in advance.

Sitestar will bill you for all email services beginning January 1, 2022. Here are some important links for Sitestar’s platform:

Most of you will be fine with the first plan in the Email Plan Options above. This provides 250M of storage at $5/month but you must setup automatic payment for 6 month increments to avoid a $3 processing fee. Those of you who need a larger mailbox size can choose an alternate plan on the list (which do require 3 month payments on auto-pay to avoid a processing fee). Sitestar does offer discounts of $120/year on the plans for 5GB or higher if you pay yearly (this last special offer must be specified in advance before the cutover). While we will transfer your basic information (name, address, phone and email information) to Sitestar, we are not transferring any billing information such as credit card numbers.

After the cutover, login to Sitestar’s Customer Portal at the above link using your primary email address and new password. On the left click “Configure Autopay” to enter your billing info (credit/debit card, eCheck or Paypal).

Those of you who still have other services with us or need to pay an old bill can do so at

Sitestar’s website is and their contact info is on the “Contact Us” link under the “About Us” tab. As we will no longer have access to the domain after the cutover, if you still need to contact us, please use the email address:

Thank you, once again, for the opportunity to service your email needs over the past decades!

Best Regards,

The Staff of Nationwide Computer Systems, Inc. (


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