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Arcadia's First and Foremost Internet Provider
Arcadia's First and Foremost Internet Provider*
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Tuesday January 15, 2019

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High Speed Dialup now available at Desoto.Net

Desoto.Net, Arcadia's first ISP, is now the fastest! We are proud to introduce HyperSpeed Dialup, the fastest dialup web accelerator available anywhere, and the only highspeed dialup service in Desoto County. Our HyperSpeed Dialup service works with your Desoto.Net dialup connection, allowing you to dramatically increase your surfing speed by 2 to 5 times!

And best of all, HyperSpeed Dialup requires no special phone lines, no special equipment, no setup fees, and no crazy contracts with phone or cable companies! Just sign up today for a Desoto.Net Premium Access plan and get unlimited Internet access with HyperSpeed Dialup all for only $21.95/month. Finally, a way to get DSL-like speeds without having to get DSL!

Click to find out more about how HyperSpeed Dialup works and how to sign up!
HyperSpeed Dialup! Click Here to Learn More.

High Speed Wireless Internet (WiFi) available at Local RV Parks

Imagine parking your RV, opening up your laptop computer, and surfing the Internet at high speeds in a matter of minutes without any phone line hookups. Well, now you can at Peace River Campground, Riverside RV Resort & Campground, and Craig's RV Park - the first RV parks in Desoto County to offer Desoto.Net's high speed wireless Internet service, called Camplink. See our site for more details! By combining the latest wireless technology with a new "HotSpot" access server, Desoto.Net can offer high speed Internet to any camper with a computer and a wireless network card.

The WiFi wireless system is compatible with most wireless cards for laptops and wireless USB devices for PCs that are available in many computer stores. So anyone with the basic hardware can simply startup their laptop or PC, open their browser and be auto-directed to a signup page where they can purchase access by the day, week or month. Campers without a wireless device can order one from Camplink or buy one from selected camp stores.

Desoto.Net plans to offer high speed Internet at other local RV parks through its Camplink service shortly. We'll let you know when we do!

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